Technology as a service – three pillars

Technology as a service – three pillars What is “a service as a technology”?What is technology as a service?Top 5 Considerations in Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider Much of the online communication literature of vendors, partners and information is about technology services – the variety of broadband access or wireless …

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Premium Internet Services for Your NYC / NJ Home Office!

One of the biggest trends in today’s job market is employees working from home. There are many aspects of remote work: independent contracting, freelancing, telecommuting and flexible jobs. This trend is called the “Gig Economy.” If you are a top-level executive or business owner and must work from home, connectivity …

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What are the risks of Internet security?

If we learn one thing about internet security, it’s this: it’s hard to get there! Unfortunately, it is getting worse. From reputable sites like LinkedIn and the diet-and-exercise tracker My FitnessPal to game developer Ginga and dozens of others, reported data breaches are making headlines more than ever. In 2018, …

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A guide to low-income Internet options and affordable Internet plans

In today’s ever-connected world, access to the Internet is quickly evolving from luxury to necessity. Everything from paying your bills to researching school paper and applying for a job is done mainly online. According to Bruce Leachman, President and Principal Analyst at Leichtman Research Group, Internet prices average about $ …

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Global Internet 2020 Market Size, Research Results with Global, Manufacturers, Segments and 2026 Forums of International Security Industry

Internet of Things Security Market DataIntel, 17-03-2020: Research Report on the Internet of Things Security Market An In-depth Analysis of the Market. Experts have studied historical data and compared it to changing market conditions. This report contains all the information needed for existing players as well as for new entrants …

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What’s the difference between Wi-Fi and the Internet?

wifi vs internet

We interchange the words “Wi-Fi” and “Internet” together. And you might be surprised to know that these two words mean two different things. Although you may not be able to get any social issues pointing to the abuse of this word, there are a few reasons why it is helpful …

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