AT&T vs Spectrum: Who is better Internet Provider?

AT&T and Spectrum both are known as superior Internet Service providers in the United States. AT&T is the largest provider of Internet, mobile telephone, fixed telephone, and Digital Cable TV. AT&T headquarter is located at Whitacre Tower in DownTown Dallas, Texas. Spectrum is the business name of Charter Communications which they use to market Digital Cable TV, Internet, telephone and wireless services provided by the company.

As AT&T and Spectrum both have many regional customers so, we thought of comparing them in terms of internet speeds, reliability, prices, customer reviews, bundles, and availability. Based on their services we will tell you which internet service provider is best for you?

AT&T Vs Spectrum: Internet Speed 

AT&T fiber network delivers 1Gbps upload and download speeds to its customers. For its prudish customers, AT&T sells fiber plans that will give you a high internet speed of 400 Mbps at reasonable prices of 80$/month.

As the largest internet service provider in the united states, it serves 40% of the telecommunications market.

Fastest speeds of AT&T are available in more locations as compare to the fastest speeds Spectrum.

If you are choosing between AT&T’s fiber Internet plans and Spectrum cable internet plans then go with AT&T fiber plans. So undoubtedly the winner in this Internet speed task is AT&T.

AT&T Vs Spectrum: Internet Installation 

AT&T Internet Installation 

AT&T completes its installation process in two ways.

As a new customer, you can order a self-install kit and install the equipment for a $30 activation fee. The other way to install AT&T Internet is to call a professional technician for the installation process. The activation fee will be $99. If you select Triple Play packages, the installation fee may be waived.

Spectrum Internet Installation 

Spectrum Internet offers the process of self-installation and professional installation. You can choose the best that suits you.

The self-installation process of Spectrum will cost you a one time fee of $8.99 for the activation of Wi-Fi. The professional installation supervised by a technician will cost you $39.99 and i.e; one-time fee.

AT&T and Spectrum Internet: Availability, Contracts, Data, and Cost

Internet Data- Gigabit internet is offered by both providers with an Internet speed of 1000 Mbps. If we will look for availability then AT&T Internet is available in more cities as compare to the spectrum. 

DSL Internet plans of AT&T come with 1000Gbps/month with data caps while fiber plans are data cap-less. While Spectrum cable Internet plans are data cap-less. A 100 Mbps DSL plan from AT$T will cost you $50/month.

Cost-  AT&T and Spectrum Internet plans cost differ from each other. AT&T offers Internet and TV bundles starting at $60/month. Spectrum offers Internet and TV bundles starting at 80$/month. 

Contract- One year contract is required for AT& T services. Spectrum does not require any contract for its services.

AT&T vs. Spectrum Internet bundle

AT&T Internet bundle-  AT&T offers Internet bundles with various combinations of Internet, TV and home phone services. AT&T provides you many options in an Internet bundle with a year contract. For faster Internet speeds go for AT&T DSL Internet which gives you freedom of no contract. 

Spectrum Internet bundle- Spectrum Triple Play Select is the lowest-priced internet bundle provided by Spectrum. It starts with the cost of 89$/month with a speed of 200 Mbps. No contract and monthly data cap are required. 

AT&T vs. Spectrum TV service

Uverse TV Service is offered in selected areas by AT&T TV service. It also offers primary TV and Direct TV services. AT&T TV service provides six TV package options. AT&T TV service starting price is $301 to $100/month.
Spectrum TV service includes three TV package options. The spectrum starting price is $60 to $100/month.

AT&T vs. Spectrum Customer Reviews 

When it comes to customer satisfaction it is also an essential thing which matters if you are selling a product in the market.

According to the customer satisfaction survey conduct by JD Power’s AT&T ranks in the second position. The customers are happy with all the services provided by AT&T.

Spectrum scores low in customer satisfaction surveys because the customers are complaining about the high raise in cost and slow speed.

AT&T vs. Spectrum: Availability

Availability- AT&T is having the availability of its services in 38 states. Spectrum Internet services are available in 40 states. 

Alabama (AL)Alaska (AK)
Arizona (AZ)Arkansas (AR)
California (CA)Colorado (CO)
Washington (WA)Connecticut (CT)
Delaware (DE)District of Columbia (DC)
Florida (FL)Georgia (GA)
Hawaii (HI)Idaho (ID)
Illinois (IL)Indiana (IN)
Iowa (IA)Kansas (KS)
Kentucky (KY)Louisiana (LA)
Maine (ME)Maryland (MD)
Massachusetts (MA)Michigan (MI)
Minnesota (MN)Mississippi (MS)
Missouri (MO)Montana (MT)
Nebraska (NE)Nevada (NV)
New Hampshire (NH)New Jersey (NJ)
New Mexico (NM)New York (NY)
North Carolina (NC)North Dakota (ND)
Ohio (OH)Oklahoma (OK)
Oregon (OR)Pennsylvania (PA)
Puerto Rico (PR)Rhode Island (RI)
South Carolina (SC)South Dakota (SD)

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