BTS Jungkook Phone Number: Is It Real? How to contact him

Jungkook, a member of the K-pop boyband BTS, is one of its most popular members. He is well-known for his amazing singing and dancing abilities, as well as his charming personality. He has an enormous and loyal fan base all over the world.

Fans are interested in Jungkook’s personal details, such as his phone number. Jungkook’s phone number, however, is not public. Many websites and social media posts claim to have his phone number but they are fake.

BTS Jungkook

This article will explain why Jungkook’s phone number isn’t publicly available and how to contact him in case of an emergency.

Why Jungkook’s phone number is not public?

There are several reasons why Jungkook’s phone number isn’t public. It’s a privacy issue. Jungkook, as a celebrity has a legal right to privacy. He shouldn’t be forced to reveal his phone number.

It is also a security threat. If Jungkook’s phone number was made public, stalkers and other malicious individuals could use it. Jungkook could be put in danger if his phone number is made public.

It is not needed. Fans can contact Jungkook through other means, like his social media accounts and his management company.

How to contact Jungkook

You can contact Jungkook through these channels:

  • Jungkook’s official social media accounts include Twitter, Instagram and Weibo. These channels allow you to send him a direct message.
  • Big Hit Music is Jungkook’s management company. Contact them via their website or email.
  • Fan mail: Send Jungkook an email or a package to his fan mail.

Please note that Jungkook may not have time to reply to every message. He does, however, appreciate hearing from fans.

Contact information for Jungkook

  • Jungkook’s official fan club is called ARMY. On their website, you can join the fan club and find out how to contact Jungkook.
  • Jungkook attends many fan events and concerts. It is possible to try and contact him during these events. However, it is important not to crowd him.
  • Jungkook appears on radio programs from time to time. Contact him by phone or through the website of his radio show.
  • BTS Fans can join many online communities. These communities are a good way to reach Jungkook, but you should be respectful and refrain from spamming him.

Remember that Jungkook has the right to privacy as a celebrity. It is important to respect his privacy in order to show him your support.

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You can contact Jungkook using these additional tips:

  • Be patient. Jungkook may be busy and not able to answer all messages right away.
  • Respect others. Please do not spam Jungkook, his management company or their social media pages.
  • Be creative. You can show your support to Jungkook in many different ways without compromising his privacy.

Follow these tips to make sure that your interaction with Jungkook will be positive and respectful.

Additional Information

Here are some additional things to consider when contacting Jungkook.

  • Please do not spam Jungkook, his management company, or their website.
  • Sending Jungkook gifts or personal letters is not allowed.
  • Don’t try to find out Jungkook’s personal details, like his phone number or address.


Jungkook’s number is not public. Many websites and social media posts claiming to have Jungkook’s number are fake. You can contact Jungkook through the above channels.

You should respect Jungkook’s privacy by not trying to reach him via his personal number. You can keep him safe by doing this and giving him the space to concentrate on his career.

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