USA ZIP Codes List: United States Postal Codes By States

USA ZIP Codes List – United States Postal Codes By States: Zipcodes are five-digit codes on the top right-hand side of a letter/package. There are 9,223 ZIP codes in the United States, each with a unique range of numbers.

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Here’s a complete list of all the states in the United States of America and their Zipcodes:

StateZip Code
Alabama Zip Code35004 – 36925
Alaska Zip Code99501 – 99950
Arizona Zip Code85001 – 86556
Arkansas Zip Code71601 – 72959
California Zip Code90001 – 96162
Colorado Zip Code80001 – 81658
Connecticut Zip Code06001 – 06928
Delaware Zip Code19701 – 19980
Florida Zip Code32003 – 34997
Georgia Zip Code30002 – 39901
Hawaii Zip Code96701 – 96898
Idaho Zip Code83201 – 83877
Illinois Zip Code60001 – 62999
Indiana Zip Code46001 – 47997
Iowa Zip Code50001 – 52809
Kansas Zip Code66002 – 67954
Kentucky Zip Code40003 – 42788
Louisiana Zip Code70001 – 71497
Maine Zip Code03901 – 04992
Maryland Zip Code20588 – 21930
Massachusetts Zip Code01001 – 05544
Michigan Zip Code48001 – 49971
Minnesota Zip Code55001 – 56763
Mississippi Zip Code38601 – 39776
Missouri Zip Code63001 – 65899
Montana Zip Code59001 – 59937
Nebraska Zip Code68001 – 69367
Nevada Zip Code88901 – 89883
New Hampshire Zip Code03031 – 03897
New Jersey Zip Code07001 – 08989
New Mexico Zip Code87001 – 88439
New York Zip Code00501 – 14925
North Carolina Zip Code27006 – 28909
North Dakota Zip Code58001 – 58856
Ohio Zip Code43001 – 45999
Oklahoma Zip Code73001 – 74966
Oregon Zip Code97001 – 97920
Pennsylvania Zip Code15001 – 19640
Rhode Island Zip Code02801 – 02940
South Carolina Zip Code29001 – 29945
South Dakota Zip Code57001 – 57799
Tennessee Zip Code37010 – 38589
Texas Zip Code73301 – 88595
Utah Zip Code84001 – 84791
Vermont Zip Code05001 – 05907
Virginia Zip Code20101 – 24658
Washington Zip Code98001 – 99403
West Virginia Zip Code24701 – 26886
Wisconsin Zip Code53001 – 54990
Wyoming Zip Code82001 – 83414

This table contains a complete list of all USA Zip codes.

I will unveil all American PIN codes by state United States Postal codes, and all USA Postcodes by state in this article. If you’re looking for contact information in the USA, knowing the zip codes is helpful. Below is a list of states in the US and their corresponding zip codes for reference. In this guide, I’ll show you an updated US ZIP code list, including U.S. zip code New York, U.S. zip code Texas, zip code USA California, down to US zip code Florida.

What Are Zip Codes?

ZIP Codes. We look at them daily, but do we know anything about them? These seemingly random strings of numbers and letters have existed since the Post Office was started in the United States in 1912.Advertisements

A Zip Code is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, sometimes called a postcode; a pin code or postal code is a series of letters, digits, or both, with or without space or punctuation.

It is used for sorting out mail when added to a postal address. In February 2005, 117 of the 190 Universal Postal Union member countries had postal code systems.

ZIP Code is a system introduced in 1963 and used in America by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure efficient and effective mail and parcel delivery.

It suggests that the mail travels quickly and is delivered more efficiently when a sender uses a Zipcode in the postal address. If you want your letter delivered faster, adding a Zipcode to the address is your best bet.

Why Are Zip Codes Important?

We may take ZIP codes for granted. While most of us know they can tell a lot about us, few can tell you how exactly. We all know what they’re supposed to be, but how do they work, and why are they important?

Zipcodes are essential for several reasons. First, they allow the United States Postal Service (USPS) to route mail and packages quickly. They have also been used to stratify data and divide people into groups, allowing marketers, researchers, and businesses to divide populations by geography for increased efficiency.

Zipcodes aren’t just used by the United States Postal Service to deliver mail and packages from point A to point B. They are also essential regarding how visitors will react when they see your listing on Google Maps.

The truth is that people these days are much more likely to purchase based on location. You’ll get more foot traffic and sales if your business is near or within a particular zip code.

Zipcodes are more critical than you might realize. You may have heard in the news that zip codes play a role in your credit score, and it’s true. But zip codes play three essential functions in your personal and business life.

What’s in a zip code? A lot. Immediately, most people recognize the zip code as an essential piece of data for determining delivery routes and locations. In marketing, it can be used as a helpful way to segment consumers by where they live. This information can help businesses direct their efforts to segments of customers with the best chance of retaining the business. Advertisements

Here are some of the reasons why the USA adopted the postcode system.

  •  Zip Codes help the mailing system sort mail easier and faster.
  • Postal code allows easy distribution of mail.
  • It allows the system to track sent and received mail.

This post contained a complete list of all USA zip codes and information about each state, including the capital, most significant city, and more.

USA ZIP Codes & Postal Codes List By States

StateCapital CityZip Code
Alabama [AL]Montgomery35004 – 36925
Alaska [AK]Juneau99501 – 99950
Arizona [AZ]Phoenix85001 – 86556
Arkansas [AR]Little Rock71601 – 72959
California [CA]Sacramento90001 – 96162
Colorado [CO]Denver80001 – 81658
Connecticut [CT]Hartford06001 – 06928
Delaware [DE]Dover19701 – 19980
Florida [FL]Tallahassee32003 – 34997
Georgia [GA]Atlanta30002 – 39901
Hawaii [HI]Honolulu96701 – 96898
Idaho [ID]Boise83201 – 83877
Illinois [IL]Springfield60001 – 62999
Indiana [IN]Indianapolis46001 – 47997
Iowa [IA]Des Moines50001 – 52809
Kansas [KS]Topeka66002 – 67954
Kentucky [KY]Frankfort40003 – 42788
Louisiana [LA]Baton Rouge70001 – 71497
Maine [ME]Augusta03901 – 04992
Maryland [MD]Annapolis20588 – 21930
Massachusetts [MA]Boston01001 – 05544
Michigan [MI]Lansing48001 – 49971
Minnesota [MN]Saint Paul55001 – 56763
Mississippi [MS]Jackson38601 – 39776
Missouri [MO]Jefferson City63001 – 65899
Montana [MT]Helena59001 – 59937
Nebraska [NE]Lincoln68001 – 69367
Nevada [NV]Carson City88901 – 89883
New Hampshire [NH]Concord03031 – 03897
New Jersey [NJ]Trenton07001 – 08989
New Mexico [NM]Santa Fe87001 – 88439
New York [NY]Albany00501 – 14925
North Carolina [NC]Raleigh27006 – 28909
North Dakota [ND]Bismarck58001 – 58856
Ohio [OH]Columbus43001 – 45999
Oklahoma [OK]Oklahoma City73001 – 74966
Oregon [OR]Salem97001 – 97920
Pennsylvania [PA]Harrisburg15001 – 19640
Rhode Island [RI]Providence02801 – 02940
South Carolina [SC]Columbia29001 – 29945
South Dakota [SD]Pierre57001 – 57799
Tennessee [TN]Nashville37010 – 38589
Texas [TX]Austin73301 – 88595
Utah [UT]Salt Lake City84001 – 84791
Vermont [VT]Montpelier05001 – 05907
Virginia [VA]Richmond20101 – 24658
Washington [WA]Olympia98001 – 99403
West Virginia [WV]Charleston24701 – 26886
Wisconsin [WI]Madison53001 – 54990
Wyoming [WY]Cheyenne82001 – 83414

Zipcodes are 5-digit codes used by the US Postal Service to find the location of a USPS deliverable address. The codes are grouped by state and by urban or rural areas within each state.

The United States possesses many overseas territories, areas that are considered to be part of the country but are located outside of its contiguous borders. These territories include American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, and several islands in the South Pacific Ocean, including Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, and Palmyra Atoll.

US TerritoryPostal Code
American Samoa96910 to 96932
Baker Island Zip Code96898
Guam Zip Code96913 to 96931
Howland Island Zip Code96898
Jarvis Island Zip Code96898
Johnston Atoll Zip Code96898
Kingman Reef Zip Code96898
Midway Atoll Zip Code96898
Navassa Island Zip Code96898
Northern Mariana Islands Zip Code96950 to 96952
Palmyra Atoll Zip Code96898
Puerto Rico Zip Code00601 to 00767
US Virgin Islands Zip Code00801 to 00851
Wake Island Zip Code96898

If you only need one state, the entire collection comes together in a single file. If you need multiple states, it is recommended you download them individually to minimize redundancy between sets.

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